ixBrowser is a permanently free anti-correlation browser. Compared with similar products on the market, ixBrowser has no monthly/yearly basic package fees, and there are no additional charges for some functions. All our current functions are free. This greatly saves users’ daily operating costs. ixBrowser allows users to create an unlimited number of independent fingerprint profiles for each account. Relying on its powerful fingerprint technology, ixBrowser performs well on third-party fingerprint detection websites and has a high fingerprint pass rate. At the same time, users can use ixBrowser to create teams and add unlimited team members. Team administrators can freely assign employee permissions and assign group windows to members, making it easier for members to cooperate and greatly increasing teamwork efficiency. Moreover, you can restrict employees' rights to modify windows, view passwords, modify member information, etc. Prevent information leakage caused by members leaving the company. Compared with traditional isolation methods, using ixBrowser, users do not need to spend a lot of money to lay out the network, purchase multiple network cables, or hire technicians to configure the VPS. Not only does it reduce capital investment, but it also greatly improves flexibility. No matter where you are in the world, you only need a computer that can log in and use ixBrowser, and you can easily manage your multiple accounts. The ixBrowser extension market is collected from Google Webstore, and users can easily find and start using it through search. If you have a self-built extension, we also provide an upload entrance for the self-built extension. Users only need to upload the zip package of the extension to use it normally. In addition, you can also purchase our extremely cost-effective proxies directly in the ixBrowser client. You can choose a static residential proxy, a static data center proxy, or a dynamic residential proxy. Of course, if you have your own proxy or you purchase a third-party proxy, you can also custom-add these proxies to our browser for use. Not only that, ixBrowser also has many practical functions such as batch operations, APIs, etc. waiting for you to explore. Our website is:

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