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Who are we, International Publications House? We are a global publishing platform documented in the archives of the American Library on (9/3/2022) AD, affiliated with our unique center, the Center for Global Creativity, officially registered at the office of the Ministry of Culture of the Syrian Arab Republic in Damascus (the Directorate of Copyright Protection linked to its international treaties with the World Organization WIPO). Protection of Intellectual Property Rights of the United Nations World Organization) No. (1782) dated (7/14/2009) AD and documented in the American Library archives on (4/20/2009) AD. When did we start? The big launch is on Sunday (1/1/2023) AD. What do we specialize in? We specialize in all forms of electronic publishing. The International Publications House was established and announced globally on Sunday (3/7/2022) AD. The founder and general director of the International Publications House is Brother Rafe Adam Al Hashemi, founder and president of the Global Creativity Center (EIC) The Excellence International Center, founder and general director of Alaayeka. For creative works and investment partnerships. Our vision: With cultural awareness and the acquisition of skills, a person can rise to the heights of success. Our goals: To be an added value to us and to everyone without exception. Our message: To be pioneers of human development to elevate people to the highest levels of success without regard to race, affiliation or creed. Our priorities: (1): Obtaining financial returns through legitimate means to serve society and help members of the International Publications House achieve more creativity. (2): Providing remote work opportunities (via the Internet) for the energies and cadres under the wing of the International Publications House within the (International Publications House Work Team), in addition to all those wishing to publish with us on this platform in order to raise the level of per capita income from (the International Publications House Team). International publications) and those wishing to publish with us by presenting our unique services and products to our generous audience. (3): Producing numerous innovations in various fields of knowledge about various areas of life, and providing original, unprecedented electronic products that have no similarity, counterpart, or alternative in the entire world without exception, including, but not limited to, real-world examples (e-books, Audio books, magazines, articles, research, novels, children’s stories, educational stories, cinematic stories, film scripts, training courses, tests, applications, and many more), through a professional team (members of the International Publications House team).

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