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Alice VPN provides VPN services worldwide. Our high-speed, blocking-resistant VPN connection allows our users to enjoy unrestricted internet even in China, Iran, and Russia. We accept payments in cryptocurrency. To sign up and try our service for free, all you need is an access key and an app delivered through our Telegram bot.

Buy VPN with crypto ✓ Secure your internet connection and pay for VPN services with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency payments for VPN services can be seen as a new step towards security, privacy, and anonymity.

Our users enjoy a high-speed internet connection ✓ If you want to watch movies on Netflix, make sure your VPN connection is fast. ✓ Our protocols allow our users to watch and listen to streaming services without interruptions or glitches.

We aim to make VPN services available in all locations ✓ We use Shadowsocks and VLESS, blocking-resistant protocols that can break through the Great Firewall. The technologies used by censorship are constantly evolving. To offer VPN services even in heavily censored countries like China, Iran, and Russia, we continuously look for innovative ways to circumvent limitations.

Applications and operating systems: accessibility and usability ✓ To connect to our VPN servers, our users may install different apps that work with the VLESS and Shadowsocks protocols. We carefully review and evaluate the apps that we recommend for use.

Our technical support is available 24/7 ✓ Have questions? Contact our specialists via email or Telegram bot.

Our VPN service is compatible with all devices and operating systems ✓ iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and router devices.

Our affiliate program offers the opportunity to receive a free VPN or two accounts for the price of one ✓ Or simply help Alice VPN gain more popularity and earn money with us 😉.

A VPN? Right now!
✓ Quick and easy installation and setup — you can open our Telegram bot and get free trial keys (no credit card required). If you enjoy our service, as we hope you will, you may want to purchase our subscription plan using cryptocurrency.
✓ Last but not least: our plans are budget-friendly: a month of high-speed, unrestricted internet for the price of a cup of coffee.


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